The predecessor to our current company’s name was Bennett, Goding & Cooper, Inc., our family’s fabric converting company established in 1956.  Over the course of 50 plus years our business has matured and grown, (with a name change to Cooper Fabrics in 1996), into a prominent and very viable source for textiles plus textile laminations and coatings.  In August of 2012 a former flame and acrylic contract laminator of ours, Flame Laminating Corp., purchased the name and assets of Cooper Fabrics which has further expanded our capabilities.  In addition to our own hot melt laminator we now have in house capabilities to flame and to use acrylic adhesives to both laminate and coat fabrics. If there is one area in which we pride ourselves the most, it is our integrity and service to our customers. Our aim is to be your best and most reliable vendor.