Our Fabric Converting Operation is quite extensive. We offer a wide range of in-stock fabrics, and have the resources to source many others. Our inventoried items consist of:

Circular and Warp Knits

Most of the knits we inventory come in a range of colors, but custom colors can easily be made. The minimum yardage to match your color is between 1000 and 5000 yards, depending on the weight of the fabric. 

Warp Knits / Polyester and Nylon1.05 – 6.75 oz./sy, 15 denier - 150 denier
Circular Knits / Polyester and Nylon2 - 7 oz./sy, single and two ply yarns
Mesh Fabrics / Polyester and Nylon3.9 oz./sy – 6.75 oz./sy
Brushed Nylon and Polyester1.2 - 4 oz./sy, 40 denier
Unbroken Loop Brushed Fabrics1.5 – 6.5 oz./sy, 40-70 denier
Spandex Blended Stretch Fabrics, Flat and Unbroken Loop 4 - 6 oz./sy

Woven Fabrics

Most all of the woven fabrics are stocked in both natural and black, sometimes beige, tan, gray and white. Special colors can be dyed with a minimum of 2-3000 yards.

Drills100% Cotton and Cotton Blends 3.9 - 7.35 oz./sy60" – 64” width
Twills100% Cotton and Cotton Blends 8. - 12 oz./sy60 – 64” width
SheetingsCotton and Poly/Cotton1.25, 2.3 and 4.0 oz./sy49-57" width
Napped Soft Filled Sheetings100% Cotton3.75 and 2.95 oz./sy46-60" width
Ducks100% Cotton and 100% Polyester6.5 – 16 oz./sy60 – 64” width
Printcloths100% Cotton2.1, 2.6 oz./sy50-59" width
Sateen100% Cotton7.5 and 9.25 oz./sy60" width
Herringbone Twill100% Cotton6.8 oz./sy40-57" width

Expanded PVC

Not only can we have your specific product made to meet your specifications, we have a number of lines that we inventory in a range of colors. We inventory both supported and unsupported expanded PVC. Some of the end uses for these fabrics are; footwear linings, small leather goods, upholstery, medical appliances.


We carry a rather complete range open and closed cell foams that we offer in a range of densities, thicknesses and colors.

Polyethylene Foam 2 - 8 lb. Density
Polyurethane FoamPolyester and Polyether 1.2 – 8 lb. Density
Polyurethane Reticulated Foam


We inventory mainly black and white, but other colors can be made to order.

Spunlace, Apertured and Non-Apertured1 - 1.8 oz./sy
Wet Laid1.5 - 6 oz. /sy
Air Laid.075 - 2 oz. /sy

Breathable Films

Coopertex™ - A Hydrophilic Breathable Urethane film.

Barrier Films

Where breathability is not a requirement, we can offer a number of barrier films, Polyester and Polyether PU films, plus Polyolefin or Polyethylene films. Our PU films are also heat sealable.