Digital Printing:

We laminate you treated fabric to various removable papers to enable printing in color printers.

Harness, Luggage, Bag and Case Manufactures:

Laminating many weights of Cordura, Ballistic Nylon, Taffeta, Rip Stop Nylon, etc., to low and high density open and closed cell foam.  Also laminate heavy and light weight canvas to either itself or another decorative fabric for tote bags.

Protective Armor:

Laminating woven and knitted Aramid fiber textiles such as Kevlar.


Laminating silk, faux silk, printed textiles to paper and non-wovens.

Industrial Applications:

Barrier laminates to maintain liquids.


Lining and upper fabrics for fashion, athletic, and work boot applications

Injection Molding:

Surface or functionable woven and stretch fabrics laminated to barrier films.

Medical Appliance / Sports Medicine:

Hook and Loop Fabrics laminated to various foams and fabrics.  Many foam thicknesses and densities are available.


Hook and loop fabrics.