Heat activated Coatings

We can apply both breathable and non-breathable coatings with a range of adhesive systems.  Our adhesives cover the gambit from low melt urethanes, polyesters, and EVAs to high temperature machine washable adhesives.

This heat activated adhesive system of ours is quite unique. We offer it in a wide range of melt temperatures and chemical makeup’s to adhere to almost anything; cotton, polyester, nylon, urethane, vinyl, metal. We can apply our Comfort Coat™ to almost any fabric; woven, non-woven, knit, foam, film, etc.


This is a thermo-plastic heat activated coating that we apply to a wide range of fabrics. We inventory a wide range of fabrics with this coating applied, and offer it in two versions. The first is a solid, continuous coating; and the other is our fusible version. This version, which we call Fusible Dri-Coat® is a hot melt adhesive applied in a random dot pattern.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

We can apply these adhesives to a range of textiles, fabrics and foam.  The adhesive can be either supported or unsupported and the degree of aggressiveness can be varied.

Our PSA system can be applied to most any fabric, including PVC. We can coat directly onto foam, with or without a Mylar film for stability.


Klean Kut®

This is our non-fray coating that can be applied to both woven and knitted fabrics. We can apply this type of coating to a range of woven fabrics.

Hot and Cold Slitting, Sheeting, Trimming, Felting: